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International Convention of Faith Ministries

A Word of Faith Ministerial Fellowship

The vision of ICFM is to... Hold Forth, Contend For and Propagate the Word of Faith Worldwide, through Fellowship, Inspiration and Training

What is ICFM?
International Convention of Faith Ministries Ltd., began in 1979, in the USA with the goal of organising and providing fellowship, inspiration and training for ministers, so the Word of Faith would be propagated throughout the world.

Interdenominational or "independent" ministries are common today. These men and women have established their ministries outside the jurisdiction of organised denominations. This has caused many new churches and ministries to "stand alone".

God has raised up ICFM for the purpose of unifying and strengthening these ministries. ICFM is not a new denomination for two major reasons:

  • ICFM does not Ordain or License ministers. To join ICFM a person must already carry ministerial credentials.
  • ICFM does not govern its member's churches or ministries.

The hand of the Lord is clearly upon this nation calling it's people to rise up and take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

ICFM Australia is committed to helping you to fulfill your God given calling.

ICFM is committed to the Integrity of God's Word and motivated to provide the Body of Christ with a proper Biblical understanding of the life of faith. We will assist you through Fellowship, Inspiration and Training while providing you with an opportunity to identify and interact with ministers who pursue the life of faith.

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Dale Smith
President ICFM Australia


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