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International Convention of Faith Ministries

Fellowship, Inspiration and Training!
By establishing a network of members across the country, ICFM has developed a chain of Area, District, Regional and Zone Co-Ordinators which oversee their assigned territories very much like Jethro counseled Moses to do. ICFM is also in many other nations around the world including Austria, Bermuda, Canada, Costa Rica, Estonia, Fiji, France, Germany, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom and The United States:

Now we have a channel of communication between faith ministries - a system, a tool, a vehicle, a body, that God can use effectively to work with His Leaders. Through ICFM, Faith ministries can pool their resources and work together in an organised manner to accomplish the plan of God on this earth. The benefits of ICFM are numerous:

Fellowship - Instead of having to "face the ministry" alone - now men and women can come under the covering of ICFM and find fellowship with those of like precious faith. By planning meetings on an organised basis, everyone can have the opportunity to attend ICFM on an area, district, and regional level. These meetings are designed to uplift and provide valuable information to ministers.

Relationships - Through the ICFM Membership Directory and the fellowship at area, district, regional and annual National Convention, closer bonds of friendship can be formed between ministers on a local and national level.

Role Models - Young ministers now have a place to turn to for guidance and council. Paul called Timothy and Titus his spiritual sons. The idea of "fathering" young ministers is an idea that springs forth from the very "father heart" of God Himself.

Inspiration - One of the main goals of ICFM is to be a tool through which God can inspire, uplift and encourage ministers in a practical way. Our prayer is that every letter, every publication and every meeting will be used by God to strengthen and re-fire ministers. Training - Training will come through ICFM meetings and Conventions, ICFM's "International Faith Report", and personal contact through men and women who have Godly understanding and wisdom in many facets of the ministry.

Communication - Through ICFM's "International Faith Report" any news or events that need to be communicated to members can be done so on a consistent basis. Also there will be regular correspondence from both the President and Regional Coordinators. Any special needs or problems can be brought to the attention of the men and women of God on a National level, within a matter of days.

Strength - One shall chase a thousand, two shall chase ten thousand. Every time a new member joins ICFM - strength is increased ten times. Now Faith Ministries can come together as one to express opinions before government or any other organisation where Faith Ministries need to be represented.

Pooling Resources - Now when there's a job to be done - Faith ministers have a network through which resources may be pooled and everyone can channel their efforts to work together.

These are just a few of the benefits of ICFM. In the future there will be more. There is no obstacle we cannot overcome as long as we all work together. A house that is not divided will stand.


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